How Sensitive are you?

How Sensitive are you?

Some weeks ago, I was on a ‘bike’ with the headlight in broad daylight ON, and the rider and I didn’t know. Surprisingly, we had a lot of persons, and no one called our attention to it.

We kept moving happily, not until someone eventually motioned to us that the headlight was on. The driver thanked him and turned it off.

Just then, the Holy Spirit said to me, “You didn’t know that the headlight was on because you are on the vehicle and no signal to help you see such that someone has to draw your attention to it so that you can fix it.” But He didn’t end there. 

I realized that when it comes to spiritual sensitivity and alertness, they are three categories of people:

1. Those who can’t see for themselves and do not get any signal (inner voice or witness) and so they need the right kind of people around to help them do the right things because they can’t see their wrongs. Their signals are either low or damaged, and so it becomes their choice to fix it or leave it damaged.

2. Those that can’t see but have signals that may not be clear to build on and you see these kinds of people are most time times difficult to help because they believe so much in what they feel, but we must know that it’s not all about feelings.

3. Those that can hear and see clearly. Their level of sensitivity is high, and so they see and hear before taking any step, and as such, they are quick to escape from evil, and notwithstanding, they try hard to stay safe and on guard.

One similar factor of them all is that they all have the will of choice. They choose to adhere to what they’ve heard or seen.

Some machines (vessel) can be magnificent outside but lack signals (sensitivity), while some lack the right people to help them out when needed. In all things, let’s strive to be better because there is more, we’ve seen or heard. Choose to obey His Voice and signals and let Him have full expressions in you. 

When God Doesn’t Make sense

When God Doesn’t Make sense

Imagine your country is at war with an enemy, say, Nigeria with Bokoharam.

Then suddenly, a self-acclaimed Prophet rises and declares that he has gotten a message from God. ” Surrender to Bokoharam, or the entire country will be destroyed,” Thus says the Lord.

Will you believe him? Your answer is as good as mine, I wouldn’t either.

But that was a similar scenario with Prophet Jeremiah and the people of Israel. Judah is at war with Babylon and “one so-called prophet” from Judah, who has never seen anything good about the land is saying he has heard from God. “Everybody, including the fighting soldiers, should surrender to the king of Babylon, else Judah will be burnt die, and people all will die”.

Isn’t God able to save anymore? Is he not the one who loves unconditionally and his “mercy endureth forever.”

Of course, just like me and you would have done, the people, especially the king official, do not believe him and they attempted to even kill him for that. The military commander has a genuine excuse ” he was discouraging the soldiers from fighting”.

What is my point here? Will God ever ask Nigeria to submit to Bokoharam? God forbid.

However, we see, when we read this thing in the Bible, we may be quick to judge and condemn the people in the Bible days, little did we know that these things play out in our everyday lives. And we are as guilty.

There are some battles in your life the Lord is saying “give up for now”. You knew you heard God, but that doesn’t just make sense.

How can you let go of this relationship you have invested so much? Even when God says it’s not the right one.

How will you quit trying to get that job, to prove to everyone that you are not a failure? Even you know that’s not what you should be focusing at the moment.

How can you move on from the ministry you have laboured to build? When heard the Lord saying, son, it’s over.

It doesn’t make sense to quit your job and plunge into the uncertain world of pursuing your real dream even when you know there’s no single iota of fulfilment in it.

We always look at ” Quit” as a negative word and “Surrender” as a sign of weakness. In this kingdom, the soldiers must learn to quit fighting when the commander-in-chief says so and Surrender all to him.

This is how we win the battle.