Making the Most of the Year Through Strategy

Written by

Nicholas Alifa

March 30, 2020

It is not just a cliché that one of the secrets of great achievements is great strategies.

I’ve always known and believed that success is deliberate; No one gets to the top of the mountain by accident. You will have to make deliberate decisions and take conscious steps.

My kid brother once posted something on his Facebook timeline “Show me a man who becomes successful by accident and I will show you a man who was diligent unconsciously”.

Mapping out strategies is a sure sign that you don’t only wish to success but also ready for success.

Things come to those who wait, but most of the times only things left by those who went for it. So this article is to challenge you to go for success by taking a deliberate effort to strategize.

I don’t know how the past years have been for you, but I’m double sure that you can curate a new story for yourself in this year and beyond. The surest way to do that is to start with the determination to make sound decisions and putting in place strong strategies.

The most certain way to predict the future is to create one. Let me also quickly remind you that whatever you are or you are not in the past years are products of the decisions you made and subsequent years wouldn’t be exceptions.


A strategy is an action plan designed to achieve a goal. Strategies are not just plans but action-oriented plans build on predetermined goals. The foundation of every great strategy is Specific, Measurable, Achievable and Time-bound (SMART) goals. Hence, the most critical question here is “What are your goals this year or subsequent years”.

Let me quickly draw our attention to this fact. More often, we confused wishes with goals. Wishes are what or where you desire to be. Goals are what and where you desire and are determined to be.

In other words, a determination is the distinguishing factors between goals and wishes. So I ask again, what are your goals for this year? It is until you have goals, you cannot map any strategy and when you don’t strategize you are living your life by chance and remember, success is never by chance, it is deliberate.

The right time to set SMART goals for you in next year is now. If you don’t have them yet, I strongly recommend that you begin to develop them now and if you do, then you can move to the next stage of the ladder which is developing action plans.


Step 1: Set a goal – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time-Bound

Step 2: Develop objectives i.e. specific actions that can help you achieve that goal or those goals as the case may be

Step 3: Do a critical appraisal of the available as well as the potential resources e.g. humans, financials, opportunities etc.

Step 4: Identify what you must do, what you may do, and what you must not do to achieve the goal you’ve sets. This will go a long way to help you make sound decisions in the phase of several alternatives. Remember

Step 5: Develop specific action plans with milestones for the year 2019.

You can be everything at all time. Understand your limit and don’t stretch beyond your elastic limit. Success is not being the best; it is simply being your best.

Nicholas Alifa

Nicholas Alifa


Nicholas Alifa is an entrepreneur, a coach, and an Agribusiness expert. He is committed to helping individuals and businesses grow to their full potential by focusing on Faith, Finance, and Life. He has spoken on several platforms and trained thousands of people on capacity development, entrepreneurship, finance, investment, and academic excellence.


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