BACK TO THE BASICS – The Secret of Cracking Complex Concepts

BACK TO THE BASICS – The Secret of Cracking Complex Concepts

One topic in Chemistry that gave me a tough time in Secondary school was Stoichiometry. I was in SS2 when the late Mr Oguche Snr of the blessed memory, introduced the topic. It looks like an illusion to me. He tried all he could to explain it, but no way. I couldn’t just crack it.

Then, one day, I came across an integrated science textbook writing by Peter Achimugwu. In my curiosity, I decided to read it and guess what! It broke down the atom, molecule, and ion concept to the simplest level using things I could relate to as illustrations.

That was all I needed for a breakthrough in Stoichiometry – a basic understanding of the concept of atoms. It was the beginning of my turning point in Chemistry.

You see, sometimes, all you need to crack complex concepts as an entrepreneur or a professional is to go back to the basics.

More often than not, things are not as difficult as they look if only we can understand them in their simplest form. Everything, no matter how complex, is made of the simplest form. Your journey will be easier if you can grasp those tiny pieces that make up the complex body.

We struggle with complex things because we feel some lessons are too basic for us to learn. Imagine somebody in SS2 going back to read junior secondary school textbooks. It’s counterintuitive, right? Yet, that was what I needed to excel even in SS2.

In your quest to crack that complex in business, academics, marriage, career, and even spirituality, pause, and ask, what is the most basic form of this complex concept? Go for it and you will see your breakthrough just the way I saw mine in Chemistry.