Happy New Year! Yes, I’m aware this is the fourth month of the year. Seeing that this is my first time in this space this year, I don’t want to miss the opportunity to wish you a Glorious 2021.

It’s 2021, and we have our journals or Notebook filled with goals, amongst which are our financial goals. Even if you didn’t write any financial goals down, I know you made a resolution to make more money this year or develop financial intelligence. Well, I did resolve and wrote it down to develop financial intelligence this year and make more money. I Almost theme this year ‘2021: Money!

I might not know all your financial goals and resolutions this year, but I have been able to spot some Foxes that intend to spoil the beautiful financial vine you want to build. So, please take your seat with a glass of Mango juice, and let’s spot these Foxes one by one.

1. A Negative Mindset towards Money. According to Sam Adeyemi, First within, next Without. Prosperity and poverty are flung out of the heart the same way. So, you have to be deliberate about watching the state of your heart.

2. Living from paycheck to paycheck. Get a Budget! You might have heard this a couple of times; this can never be overemphasized. Don’t be the person that believes everything goes as far as you have the money. One way to spending without guilt is setting up a system that allows you to know what you can afford when you can afford it.

3. Financial Abuses: Financial Abuse is defined as unauthorized use and control of a person’s money, property, or other valuables. Please note that you’re not required to set yourself on fire to keep other people warm. Set guidelines for yourself for what kind of requests you’re eligible for your financial assistance.

4. Eating everything: Invest! Your financial goals and resolutions will not become a reality if you keep spending all the money that comes your way. My Friend split her income in three ways; 75% for expenses, 20% for Long term investment, and 5% for short-term investment. It looks small, but with time/consistency, she has built assets for herself.

5. Quick Money Schemes. I know you want to invest and get returns but take a chill pill, breath in, then out afterward, ask questions, do your research before investing

6. Relying on just one source of income: If you want some of your goals to become a reality, you must move from your comfort zone and add another source of income.

7. Financial Ignorance: Go for Financial Education!

Are there other Foxes you think have the tendencies to spoil our Financial vine this year? Let’s talk about them in the Comment Section. We are on this financial journey together, and we will strive till we hit the mark.

You know I’m cheering for you, right?