Simple hacks to a cheerful life

Simple hacks to a cheerful life

The recent events around the globe have thrown us into an unprecedented state of uncertainty. It seems no one can plan anything because we have no idea what tomorrow, next week or next month will come along with. This uncertainty of not having control over events in your life can create anxiety. Presently, there is actually very little that we can control.

Global chaos or not, while we may exert our wishes on the world, we can’t control how the world, including other people, will treat us and only control our responses to our environment. Being upset about how things are is focusing on what’s wrong, but with a quick change in focus, you see the same situation but focus on what’s right.

Achor’s research found that every single business outcome improves when a person’s brain is “a positive.” A person is 31% more productive, 37% better at sales, and doctors are 19% faster and more accurate when their brains are positive rather than negative, neutral, or stressed. The question is, how can we be positive and stay positive?

I would be sharing a few sets of actions that rewire the brain and say, hacks to living a happy life:


Acceptance means finding peace in the way things are, and it’s closely tied to awareness. How can we accept our current situation if we aren’t aware of our abundance? The opposite of acceptance is resistance, and that’s what we all do. Instead of lamenting about how things are, try asking yourself how I can immerse myself at the moment and make the most of it?

Acceptance doesn’t mean apathy, naivety, or false hope, it means dropping resistance and being open to what potential may come. It’s saying, “Okay! This is the way things are, now what am I going to do about it and what might be the silver lining?”

Affirmative words

The words we speak to others are just as powerful as those we speak to ourselves. A well-known proverb says, “life and death are in the power of the tongue.” Affirmations repeated several times each day, every day serve to reprogram your subconscious with positive thinking. An affirmation is made up of words charged with power, conviction, and faith. Affirmative words, when done properly, triggers positive feelings, which in turn drive positive actions. Your affirmative words should be unique, uplifting, be related to your present condition, and should be able to touch your heart like;

  1. I feel better about myself today because I know the importance of life
  2. Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I would make it count
  3. I am creative in my own way
  4. My thoughts and feelings are nourishing
  5. I attract only good things in my life.


Exercise teaches your brain that your behavior matters, it keeps you healthy, it reduces the immune system chemicals that can make you depressed. It also increases your level of endorphins (which are natural mood lifters) and keeps you in a positive feeling.

Build your A-team

Having the right team with the right attitude makes it easy to live a happy life. Your A-team should consist of people, be it friends or relatives whom you share great trust and confidence in. They should possess positive attitudes, be people who believe in you, and have supported you. Your A-team should be people who you can easily reach out to when you find yourself in difficult situations and in need of a pep talk

Be kind

It takes a cheerful person to be kind, so wake up with the consciousness of doing random acts of kindness to people. Send someone a thank you note, a lovely message, wear a big smile, help someone open the door, give compliments to your colleagues or neighbors, and watch your attitude boost from 0 to 100.

These are seemingly simple hacks, but over time, they’ve proven to be all we need in the most unlikely situations!

Do you know any other hack, why don’t you cheer with us in the comment session?