The Lessons About Values from Mr. Ibu

By Nicholas

Jun 29, 2020

June 29, 2020

When I use to do Nigerian movies, one of my favorite actors when it comes to comedy was John naira Okafor popularly known as Mr. Ibu. In one of his movies, he found a wallet full of several hundred-dollar bills and some few a thousand-naira notes in a “danfo” bus.

On reaching home, he took the notes and pasted the dollar bills in his room as decoration. A friend who knows the value bills came visiting and asked to have the remaining bills so that he, too, can use it to decorate his room. Mr. Ibu reluctantly gave him the remaining large chunk of the notes. You can imagine what happens next.

As I was reminiscing on this story this afternoon, two things lessons became clear to me, and I will love to share it with you.

1. Ignorant of a value does not reduce the value.

Simply because Mr. Ibu doesn’t know the worth of those hundred-dollar bills does not reduce the worth of the bills.

Let’s look at the business perspective. Because some people are ignorant of the value of your product or services does not appreciate, it does not mean the value has reduced. Do not cut your value to their level of understanding rather help them to increase their understanding of your value. That’s why effective value communication is a fundamental part of your business activity.

Alternatively, you can focus on those people who understand and appreciate your value. I mean, those whose values resonate with yours. Hence the need for market segmentation. The two can even go hand-by-hand is you have enough resources to pull it.

Now from an individual perspective, of almost 8 billion people on earth, you are the only version of you. That means you have something to offer or do in a unique way that nobody else can, and that’s your value. The fact that you have not discovered it yet does not mean it’s not there. So, don’t ever think you are worthless.

2. If you don’t know your value, others who do will use you.

The world is full of several of Mr. Ibu’s friends – people who know your value and know that you don’t know your value. And instead of helping you to discover it, they will rather exploit you. It could be your friends, your employer, your clients, and even your customers

Always ask yourself, am I really been appreciated for the value I’m bringing to the table? When it comes to the exchange of values, never think the next party is doing you a ‘big favor.’ That does not mean you should be an ingrate; it does mean you should strive to know your value and what it worth.

Life is a journey, and one of the exciting things about it is a fact that it is a journey of self-discovery. The more of the adventure you undertake, the more you understand what you are capable of, which sets you apart from others. How much of your value do you know?

Do you learn any lesson from Mr. Ibu’s story? Share with us.

Nicholas Alifa

Nicholas Alifa


Nicholas Alifa is an entrepreneur, a coach, and an Agribusiness expert. He is committed to helping individuals and businesses grow to their full potential by focusing on Faith, Finance, and Life. He has spoken on several platforms and trained thousands of people on capacity development, entrepreneurship, finance, investment, and academic excellence.


  1. Adeola

    Thank you so much for sharing this Sir.

    • Nicholas Alifa

      Thank God you got value

  2. Elizabeth

    Wow…this Is a big lesson “that you don’t know the value of something doesn’t reduce it’s value”
    ***It’s possible for people to know your value, even when you don’t realize how valuable you are…
    Thank you sir for this piece

    • Nicholas Alifa

      Thank you for reading and thank God you got values.

  3. Motunrayo

    This is very nice and thoughtful sir.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. Joseph Michael Adinoyi

    Thank you very much.
    This is highly appreciated

    • PEACE

      Great nuggets ❤️🙇‍♀️

  5. Anaja Jesse

    Thank you so much for sharing this priceless idea, it’s an eye opening article.

  6. Miracle Omonu

    Thanks for this sir. The lesson I learnt is what you’ve explained. If you do not know the worth of whatever you posses it doesn’t deprecate it but you just languish in your ignorance.

  7. Donatus shaibu

    A big time lesson…. different but similitude to what was put across to us by a colleague during one of d seminars I attended……. Ignorance is indeed the cost of our inability to make money at times…..
    Aside ignorance, u might know your value or what u are capable of doing…but pity and bashfulness is one of the major reasons while some persons are worthless in life…..
    What do I mean by “pity”? For instance u know how to play piano, u get to an occasion ground of a casual friend and unfortunately, the invited pianist didn’t show face… So you automatically become an improvised personnel. While u want to carry out your function, they asked, how much? Then u begging to shine your teeth and In d end u ended up not having anything…shy and pity….
    May God help us to discover on time that thing which will make us fulfill this earth financially and make heaven at last.
    Lastly….that Tallent of your might be what God has given us to become rich but, we ended up doing charitable work.

    • Nicholas Alifa

      Wow, that is really another unique perspective. Thanks for sharing.

    • Muhammed Ibrahim

      Awwwh, you have really added much to my knowledge today
      Thanks sir

  8. Praise Olutoye

    I learnt that you don’t cut your value to suit the understanding of others instead you help them increase their understanding of your value by effective value communication which is very fundamental to our business activities.

    Thank you so much for sharing sir.

    • Nicholas Alifa

      Thank God you got values.


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